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Social care is bearing the brunt of council cuts, by Simon Duffy

February 4, 2013


(PUBLISHED IN THE GUARDIAN) Statistical manipulation disguises the fact that disabled people are being hit the hardest by cuts to benefits and services. Simon Duffy *.- One of the extraordinary features of the cuts programme has been the fate of social care. At the same time as announcing the deepest cuts in public expenditure since […]

Swedish unions propose profit cap on welfare business

January 17, 2013


(PUBLISHED IN THE LOCAL) The Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) has proposed a new type of company that would limit profits made in the tax-funded welfare sector, in a move that goes against the line of their traditional political ally, the opposition Social Democrat Party. Working for the public good and limiting how much profit […]

France as Europe’s next timebomb? Not with Hollande in charge

December 28, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN THE GUARDIAN) The Economist’s recent warnings about my country ignore the opportunity President Hollande has to effect reform This week’s issue of the Economist is not lamenting the decline of the French bakery. With a bunch of baguettes strapped to dynamite on its cover, the British magazine is in fact warning that France […]

“The sad hue of the crisis”, by Vicente Verdú

November 22, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN EL PAÍS) Spain, once buoyant, is sinking without even understanding what could have gone so wrong. Society is beginning to wilt in despair, but the fear is that this is only the beginning. Vicente Verdú.- Crisis is not the same as desolation. Crisis is not the same as demolition. Crisis is not the same […]

Greek magazine editor in court for naming alleged tax evaders

October 30, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN THE GUARDIAN) Kostas Vaxevanis at centre of political storm after publishing names of wealthy Greeks alleged to have Swiss bank accounts A magazine editor in Greece will appear in court after publishing the names of more than 2,000 wealthy Greeks alleged to have Swiss bank accounts, triggering a row over tax evasion that […]

What happened to the Spain where I was born?

October 30, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN DER SPIEGEL) SPIEGEL reporter Juan Moreno grew up in Germany as the son of Spanish immigrants. He cherished summers spent as a child in his parents’ former village. He recently traveled back to his country of birth to trace the causes of the crisis and to meet those whose lives it has changed […]

“The American Dream Has Become a Myth”, by J. Stiglitz

October 16, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN SPIEGEL) The finance industry is to blame for the growing divide between the rich and poor in the United States, says Nobel Prize-winning economics professor Joseph Stiglitz. In an interview* with SPIEGEL, he accuses the industry of preying on the poor and buying government policies that help them get richer. At Columbia University, […]