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The great Portuguese hollowing out

February 28, 2013


(PUBLISHED IN IBEROSPHERE) With every passing day Portugal has less and less economy left, while fewer and fewer people remain to pay down the debt.   By Edward Hugh. -An increasing number of Portuguese are emigrating, creating a huge imbalance in the economy. As Portuguese President Aníbal Cavaco Silva once put it, ”A country without […]

Unemployment among ethnic minority youths in Holland passes 28%

February 11, 2013


The unemployment rate among people with an ethnic minority background rose to 15.5% last year, up nearly 2.5 percentage points on the previous year, the national statistics office CBS said on Friday. By contrast, the jobless rate among native white Dutch reached 5%, up from 4.2% in 2011. The increase was sharpest among the under-25s. […]

Tuberculosis sweeps Paris housing estate

October 18, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN EUROPE1.FR) Medical authorities are scrambling to deal with an outbreak of tuberculosis that has affected both adults and children on a deprived housing estate in the Paris suburbs. AFP reports that doctors found 22 cases of the infectious disease after testing a group of 500 inhabitants of the Chêne-Pointu estate in Clichy-sous-Bois where […]

Where are the public security forces? (antifascists against neo-Nazis in Athens)

October 4, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN CONTRAINFO.COM. The NEPO Project is not responsible for the content that is literally copied from external websites.) ” The night of September 15th saw the first motorcycle patrol through Athens centre with flypostering and protest chants against neo-Nazi attacks. On September 22nd another antifa motorcycle demo was realized successfully. >>In the evening of Sunday, September 30th, […]

Somali community in Sweden under threat by local gang

September 6, 2012


(PUBLISHEN IN THE LOCAL.SE) A Somali community in Foresrum, in southern Sweden, is being terrorized by a local gang to such an extent that the local Somali association has urged all its members to move away. According to SVT, one year ago there were 160 Somalis living in Forserum, near Jönköping in southern Sweden. Today, […]

“It’s not rhetoric to draw parallels with Nazism”, by Laurie Penny

September 4, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN THE INDEPENDENT) “After the immigrants, you’re next.” That’s what was written on flyers that appeared this week in the gay clubbing district of Athens. As violence against immigrants and ethnic minorities escalates across Greece, supporters of the ultra-right Golden Dawn party have also begun to promote hate attacks on homosexuals and people with […]