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Spain Drains Fund Backing Pensions

January 21, 2013


(PUBLISHED IN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL) Spain has been quietly tapping the country’s richest piggy bank, the Social Security Reserve Fund, as a buyer of last resort for Spanish government bonds, raising questions about the fund’s role as guarantor of future pension payouts. Now the scarcely noticed borrowing spree, carried out amid a prolonged economic […]

Pension reform in Slovenia: take two

November 8, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN THE SLOVENIA TIMES) Following the failure of the inclusion of the Golden Fiscal Rule into the Constitution, the focus is now back on structural reform, primarily pension reform and labour market reform. It´s more than obvious that the new pension reform will be the cosmetically improved “old” reform from last year which was […]

Czech president vetoes pension reform

October 3, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN ELECONOMISTA.ES) The reform, which allows workers to divert a portion of social security payments into private schemes, lacked political acceptance and was badly timed as it would initially worsen the deficit at a moment of economic turmoil in Europe, said Vaclav Klaus. Czech President Vaclav Klaus vetoed the government’s pension reforms on Monday, the […]

Pension Armageddon: Germans fear poverty even after life of work

September 28, 2012


(PUBLISHEN IN SPIEGEL) For decades, Germans have been able to live out their golden years in comfort. For today’s younger generations, however, the retirement dream is turning into a nightmare. Increased life expectancies, an aging population, low birth rates and vanished investment returns have many worrying about a future of poverty. Jaime Aguilar loves his […]

The Catastrophic State of Italy’s Labor Market

September 5, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN SPIEGEL) The miner protest in Sardinia may have resulted in a stay of execution for a doomed coal production facility, but Italy’s economy remains in freefall. The country is shedding jobs, production rates are abysmal and the infrastructure is appalling. Prime Minister Monti has vowed to turn things around. But how? By Hans-Jürgen […]

The Italians spend a third of their incomes to pay the mortgage

August 20, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN LA REPPUBLICA) The burden of debt for the purchase of the house in Italy amounted to 318 million dollars. On average, about 13,000 euros per household, representing 30.9% of household disposable income. This represents almost a third of Italian families income goes to pay the fees. Un panorama dal doppio risvolto, dunque. Da […]