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‘Mini-jobs’ don’t work in Germany, and they won’t work in Britain

December 24, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN THE GUARDIAN) Though being floated by the Treasury as a measure to increase employment, German ‘mini-jobs’ offer little money or security.  The most recent copycat idea floated by the Treasury to promote employment creation through ever more flexible labour markets is the German “mini-jobs” initiative. Introduced in Germany in 2003 under the social […]

Greek protesters attack German consul

November 16, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN RT.COM) Dozens of anti-austerity protesters clashed with police yesterday after breaking into a conference centre in northern Greece to demonstrate against the presence of a German government official. The protesting municipal workers pushed and threw coffee on Wolfgang Hölsche-Obermaier, a German consul in Thessaloniki, who was attending a conference of Greek and German […]

Rich, poor divide widens in Germany amid eurozone crisis

November 7, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN PRESSTV) A new report by Germany’s Labour Ministry has revealed that the gap between rich and poor continues to widen in Europe’s biggest economic powerhouse. ASH/JR.- The four-yearly poverty report shows that the number of rich people has risen sharply since 1998, adding one-tenth of the population owns 53 percent of the total wealth, […]

In Germany, more than 1,000 pharma jobs to go at Merck

October 16, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN FINANZEN.NET) German chemicals and pharmaceuticals group Merck KGaA announced plans to slash one in ten jobs in Germany over the next three years in an effort to save costs.   The company said in a statement that none of the cuts would involve forced redundancies. “Merck plans to eliminate around 1,100 of the […]

“The American Dream Has Become a Myth”, by J. Stiglitz

October 16, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN SPIEGEL) The finance industry is to blame for the growing divide between the rich and poor in the United States, says Nobel Prize-winning economics professor Joseph Stiglitz. In an interview* with SPIEGEL, he accuses the industry of preying on the poor and buying government policies that help them get richer. At Columbia University, […]

Thousands in Germany protest for wealth tax

October 1, 2012


(BY AP) Thousands of people across Germany have protested for the introduction of taxes on wealth and financial transactions. Organizers said Saturday around 40,000 people took to the streets in 40 cities to demand a more equal society. Police estimates of the turnout in the country’s biggest cities were lower than the organizers’. Frankfurt police […]