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Austerity’s Wake: Why Ireland’s Spending Cuts Should Scare Us, Too

September 4, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN THE ATLANTIC) If you want to know what real austerity does to a country, check out the Emerald Isle. The below chart from the Irish Central Statistics Office shows the percent-change of Irish household disposable income from 2009 to 2010, broken down by income decile. (Note: The tenth decile refers to the most […]

The Italians spend a third of their incomes to pay the mortgage

August 20, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN LA REPPUBLICA) The burden of debt for the purchase of the house in Italy amounted to 318 million dollars. On average, about 13,000 euros per household, representing 30.9% of household disposable income. This represents almost a third of Italian families income goes to pay the fees. Un panorama dal doppio risvolto, dunque. Da […]