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“Financial servility and the education crisis in southern Europe”, by Antoni Verger

October 11, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN EDUCATION IN CRISIS) In Southern Europe, we are immersed in a deep financial crisis. This is largely due to greed within the banking sector in this hyper-liberalised financial system, a growth model highly dependent on speculation and the ‘bad government’ prevalent in the region that has tolerated, if not pro-actively fuelled, this erratic […]

Portuguese teachers more stressed-out than most Americans

October 10, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN TPN/LUSA) Portuguese teachers are more stressed than the US population, which is widely considered to be one of the most stressed societies in the world, a new study into physical and mental exhaustion has concluded. The study, which assesses the stress levels of Portuguese teachers, found that all teachers in this country suffered […]

More portuguese teachers seeking employment

August 20, 2012


(PUBLISHED IN JORNAL DE NOTÍCIAS) The number of teachers in secondary, higher and similar teachers enrolled in employment centers doubled in July enrollees regarding period counterpart, being the professional group with a more significant increase. De acordo com a informação mensal publicada pelo Instituto de Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP), no final de julho havia 10.221 […]